No-code, task automation tool

Let the robots do your repetitive tasks on any website

They can collect data from websites, fill out forms, download files, and many more.
No-code visual editor, same task runner locally and in the cloud.

Automate your first task now

How can you use our tool:

1. Web scraping

Collect data from any website to be able to analyse them later.

2. Fill out forms

Provide the steps, the Excel file with the data and the robots do the rest.

3. Download files

Images, documents, PDFs, video. You can download them all locally and in the cloud as well.

4. Periodically check for changes

"Is the event X open for booking?" "Can I finally buy the product Y?" Get notified when an expected change happens.

5. Automate actions

Let the robots perform actions on any website as if you were doing them. They are faster than you :)

6. Test your app

Create some scenarios and run them before you publish your app changes.

Take back hours in your day

Let the robots do the repetitive tasks on different websites and save hours of manual work every day.

  • Create complex tasks without writing code

    No coding skills required: CSS selector or XPath are the only thing you need to know.

  • Schedule your tasks

    Run them every 10 minutes, once a day, during the night: however it fits you the best.

  • Write it once, run it everywhere

    You can run any task locally or in the cloud.

app-progress app-progress

Handle complex scenarios easily

Run javascript, handle multi-page scenarios, execute actions inside IFRAMEs, store values to variables and re-use them in other parts of your task.

Use loops & IF conditions, store data to internal storage, wait for text changes or till an element becomes visible

Automate your first task now

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For individuals

$9 / Month
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  • Unlimited task runs locally
  • 500 task runs in the cloud
  • Save files locally
  • 0.5 GB cloud file storage
  • 1 user


For small teams

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$49 / Month
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  • Unlimited task runs locally
  • 7.000 task runs in the cloud
  • Save files locally
  • 1 GB cloud file storage
  • 5 users

Space station

For bigger teams

$129 / Month
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  • Unlimited task runs locally
  • 50.000 task runs in the cloud
  • Save files locally
  • 20 GB cloud file storage
  • 25 users
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